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You can buy Co-Codamol in a 500mg/30.6mg formulation of paracetamol/codeine.  It is clinically equivalent to Solpadol, Kapake, and Zapain.

Co-Codamol 30.6/500mg
100 Tablets
Co-Codamol 30.6/500mg
200 Tablets

The limit for Co Codamol is 200 tablets per household per month.

Is this medicine right for me?
Like any medication Co-codamol may not be right you. Only your doctor can decide how best to treat your condition. When considering the right treatment for your condition, the doctor may need to consider not only the condition itself, but also:

  • what other medical conditions you have
  • what other medications you are taking
  • your age and general state of health
  • lifestyle issues especially smoking/drinking alcohol

Co-codamol is typically prescribed for short-term pain conditions that are not relieved by paracetamol or other OTC painkillers alone. Typically, it is used for nerve or muscle pain.

Co-codamol is contraindicated in patients with a history of;

  • liver, prostate or kidney problems
  • chronic breathing problems (especially COPD)
  • low blood pressure or heart arrhythmia
  • inflammatory bowel disorders or blockages
  • epilepsy and other convulsive disorders

Co-codamol should not be used by pregnant women or people with alcohol or drug abuse problems.

Does Co-codamol have side effects?
Like all prescription medications, Co-codamol can have side-effects, and it is not suitable everyone. Side effects can be minor in which case they can usually be disregarded. Or they may be significant requiring you to discontinue the medication to consult a medical professional.

Minor side effect include:

  • constipation
  • nausea
  • dizziness or feeling light-headed

Seek medical help in the event of:

  • skin rash

Co-codamol is a strong prescription painkiller containing two medicines which can both endanger your health if abused. You must strictly follow the doctors guidance mon taking these pills. Do not buy Co-codamol if you have ever abused or been addicted to drugs or alcohol.

If you believe you have taken an overdose of Co-codamol, you must immediately contact medical assistance.

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