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How to buy treatment…

  • Step 1 - Click on Start Consultation
  • Step 2 - Complete consultation and payment options
  • Step 3 - Check email for follow-up questions from the doctor
  • Step 4 - Get pain relief in just 24 hours


Is it legal?
100% legal. Our partner pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK (registration #1104545). All our doctors are registered in the EU, and our website is compliant with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) requirements (the MHRA is the UK government organisation that regulates the sale of medicine).

What is this chat alert message?
You will get an email after you place your order asking you to log into the patient portal and respond to any message. If you do not follow up on this then your order will not be processed.

Why do you do ID checks?
Our doctors and pharmacists prescribe and dispense pain medications. These are subject to abuse so we need to take every precaution to ensure that we know who our patients are.

How are the medications delivered?
Next day delivery is available if the order is approved by 3pm. We chose the most effective means of delivery depending on the location of the delivery address. But in any event, an adult will need to be there to sign for the delivery.

Who dispenses the medications?
Natcol Pharmacy whose address is HR Healthcare Limited, The Office, Britannia Way, BOLTON, Lancashire, BL2 2HH, UK. GPhC Registration Number 1104545.

Where are the medications sent from?
All medications are sent from the UK.

How is payment processed?
When you place an order your credit or debit card is pre-authorised for the amount of the purchase. If your order is declined for any reason, the pre-authorisation or ‘lock’ is released immediately. The funds are then returned to your account. However, the time it takes to show up in your account depends on your bank. We cannot control this process. You can also pay by wire transfer.

What are re-order limits?
Pain medications are strictly controlled. We impose a 30 day limit on ordering per household. Check this page for details Re-Order Limits.

Can you ship to the USA or Canada?
No. We are not permitted to do this. We provide no services or products to these countries. We can ship to most countries in the EU (except Italy).

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